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A husband & wife indie game studio based in Istanbul. We are creating unique and engaging experiences by adding a tablespoon of love, passion, and determination!

We Create Fun Games

for every player with our 16 years of experience
in game development.

Happy Sheepies
Happy Sheepies is a relaxing sheep-farming game that includes some Crafting and Business Management elements with its simple Drag & Drop gameplay. Meet the needs of your sheepies, craft and sell your products, and grow your business!
Happy Sheepies CoverPlay Icon
Trap World CoverPlay Icon
Trap World
A legendary platformer game, with nearly 300 unique traps and enemies! Mustached turtles, angry bees, sticky slimes, spikey monsters, magician doormen, fast swordsmen, stupid archers, mighty Zeus, evil Hades, and even more!
You Broke It!
The mainframe controlling the robot community living on a distant planet, malfunctions while Tiny Robot is in the room. All other robots unite against the Tiny Robot and nothing seems to get better until the mainframe is reset.
You Broke It CoverPlay Icon

Explore Our Other Games

We also made a lot of small games you would enjoy!

Opelien Cover
A unique & fast-paced space-shooter game with fun boss battles!
Tiny Shooters Online Cover
Tiny Shooters: Online
An online multiplayer shooter game that you can battle with your friends.
Whack An Emoji Cover
Whack An Emoji
Pop funny emojis as much as you need to relax!
Secrets Of Perfect Life Cover
Secrets Of Perfect Life
Collect Money, Love, Health, and Knowledge to find the secrets of the perfect life!
Breaking Bad Bricks Cover
Breaking Bad Bricks
Use your stick to bounce your ball towards to bad bricks and break them all!
Longest Tree Cover
Longest Tree
Chop from left or right? You must decide lightning fast while avoiding branches.
Stack 2D Cover
Stack 2D
Align blocks perfectly to make the biggest tower ever or enjoy your new smaller blocks.

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